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French fries processing

For one of our relations in Central Europe Eillert has designed a complete French fries processing line.

With this line approx. 1.000 kg/hour fresh french fries can be processed.

The unpeeled potatoes are fed into the abrasive peeling machine via an elevator conveyor. After the abrasive peeling process the product can be inspected on an inspection table. Via another conveyor the product is brought into our stripping/dicing machine, after which it is treated against discolouring.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Project H02811337


Salad processing line

For one of our Scandinavian relations we have recently configured a complete salad processing line. The line exists out of renomated Eillert processing machines in combination with an optical sorter. Meanwhile the line runs in full production, at a capacity of approx. 2.200 kg/hour incl. one ASD-800 spin dryer.Project H02810762