Automatic vegetable centrifuge ASD-800

Up to approx. 2.500 kg. per hour depending on the product and required end humidity grade.


Leafy vegetables, hard vegetables.

Additional specifications:

Low energy consumption, low water/air consumption. Easy to integrate in (existing) processing lines due to flexible set-up opportunities.

Automatic vegetable centrifuge
Type ASD-800

The automatic vegetable centrifuge ASD is developed to automatically process several types of vegetables. After the product has been washed, it is brought directly onto the infeed belt. This infeed belt is also used as a buffering belt. During the infeed of the product, the centrifuge drum moves evenly to the back as a result of which a good dosage is obtained in the drum. After that it accelerates and the product is centrifuged. As soon as the centrifuging cycle has been concluded, the drum speed is reduced and the product is gradually discharged onto the outfeed belt.

The cleverly designed, compact construction of the vegetable centrifuge is easy to maintain. 

Because the machine can be used both in line as well as at an angle, the machine is applicable for nearly each situation, or can be adapted to a modified situation in the future. 

The fully automated centrifuging process is controlled by a central control box that has several pre-programmed cycles as well as the possibility to program one’s own cycles. A cascade switch, connecting the packing system and the whole vegetable processing line, can be integrated optionally.