Up to 1.000 kg/hour depending on kind, size and quality of the product.


Leafy vegetables, cabbage, carrot strips, leek, soup vegetables etc.

Additional specifications:

Automatically indexing to next position, incl. 4 baskets, available on machine feet or on wheels.

Basket mill
Type ABM

In order to complete the vegetable processing lines Eillert has expanded the delivery program with an automatic basket mill.

The solidly constructed S/S unit is executed with four centrifuge baskets. The basket mill will be positioned behind the vegetable washer. Each basket holder can be set manually to a certain filling volume, depending on the kind of product. Once the set volume in the basket is reached, the basket holder will actuate a switch which starts the motor to index to the next position. Above and in between the baskets a plate is installed to catch falling product during indexing. This product is moved via a scraper into the next basket while indexing to the next position, reducing waste to a minimum.

– An equally and correct filling of the baskets results in a constant final humidity level
after the spin drying process.
– The production process is completely reproducible.
– No production loss during indexing.