Depending on the speed of the operator approx. 360 cabbages per hour infeed.


white cabbage, red cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower.

Additional specifications:

max. head size approx. 300 mm, minimal head size approx. 200 mm. Available with several coring diameters, standard automatic ejection of cabbage head after coring (to the left).

Cabbage corer
Type KB-A-N

In the first phase of cabbage processing (white and red cabbage) the kernel is removed from the cabbage. To automate this process, Eillert developed a special cabbage coring machine.

The cabbage corer is equipped with a pneumatic lifting system. After the cabbage is put into the machine, the cycle is started up through a so-called ‘two-hand operation’ (within the framework of safety). The cabbage is lead to a special rotating spiral coring knife that starts, de-cores the cabbage and then stops again (for safety reasons). Then the lifting system lowers, after which the cored cabbage is automatically transported to e.g. the cabbage slicing machine, type KS-900K or the CSM-900.

The coring depth is adjustable and can be adapted to the kind of cabbage. Moreover, the cabbage coring machine is available with a special set to prepare broccoli or cauliflower heads.