Up to 2.500 pcs per hour, depending on exectution (manual or automatic).


Floating fruits and other uncut product.

Additional specifications:

Available in different executions. Please feel free to discuss the required features.

Dipping system
Type GW-4000 | MBW-500

For washing and disinfecting of fruit and uncut products, Eillert has developed several solutions. 

As most kinds of fruit (pineapple, melon, oranges, apples etc.) and uncut products (tomatoes, cucumbers etc.) float, a dipping belt is used. The dipping system ensures that products that normally do not immerse completely are carefully brought under water. 
Because of the adjustable dipping time the disinfection process is completely checkable. The dipping washer typically has an air injection system that can be switched off, if not needed. After dipping, the product floats to the surface again, where an outfeed / dewatering belt lifts it out of the water. Optionally the washer can be supplied with a dosing installation for disinfection fluid.

Eillert also has a manual washer in its program. This batch washer is suitable for disinfecting non floating, uncut products, e.g. different kinds of fruit, tomatoes or cucumbers. 

Placing and removing the plastic basket with the product is done manually. The machine is provided with a time switched air injection system for an optimum disinfecting of the product.