up to approx. 500 kg. per hour depending on product, quality and selection.


Potato, pre-cut carrots, beet root, celeriac

Additional specifications:

Available in manual execution as well as automatic execution, for integration in complete processing lines, flexible execution, bottom peeler. Available as knife peeling or as abrasive knife machine.

Peeler and abrasive peeler
Type B/C 25

The B/C 25 Peeler and abrasive peeler can be used for potatoes, celeriac, carrots (pre-cut) and other tuberous products.

B/C 25 Peeler

The machine has a rotating bottom disc that has very finely adjusted, specially hardened strong knives and rubber turning segments that help to turn the product, resulting in a perfectly peeled product.

B/C 25 Abrasive Peeler

The abrasive peeling machine has been furnished with a scraping set, provided with a very durable carborundum layer (by means of a special method). This carborundum layer has a very long life cycle and can be replaced after being worn.

Manual or Automatic

The well thought-out construction and sober design enables easy cleaning and maintenance of the peeling machine. Furthermore, it can be supplied in a manual or automatic construction. This automatic one is also suitable for integration into a peeling line. With the automatic version the outfeed door is controlled by a pneumatic cylinder. A compressor is not included. The standard version for a stand-alone machine is infeed over outfeed. The construction can, in consultation, be modified, as a result of which the knife peeling machine can be used in almost every situation.