Max. approx. 1.500 kg/hour depending on kind, size and quality of the product.


Leafy vegetables, cabbage, leek, carrots strips etc.

Additional specifications:

Available in one or two level, with or without S/S vibration motors.

Pre-washing system
Type VWZ

In some situations it is desirable to pre-wash sliced products before it enters the washing system. By means of a vibration system, the product is sprinkled with fresh water. Any attached sand and vegetable juices are soaked off, the waste water is discharged by means of a central pipe.

By implementing a pre-washing system the washing water in the washing machine is less rapidly polluted, longer to used and the (bacteriological) quality of the washing water is guaranteed for a longer period of time. The water consumption can be adjusted via taps.

The system can be supplied with both a 1 and a 2 phase outfeed. In the 2-phase system the product rolls over at the passage, this increases the effectiveness of the pre-washing process.