Hgh capacity up to 4.000 kg/h


Baby spinach, lettuce, cabbages, leeks

Slicing leafy vegetables machine

The SLICE-30 is a belt slicing machine with high capacity up to 4.000 kg/h. Ideal to integrate in a production line for slicing leafy vegetables, herbs and many other vegetables. We can provide a turn key solution with our WASH-series and drying machines, combined with other equipment. Due to the compact design, the machine can also be used as stand alone.

A variety of slicing tools and options are available for slicing different shapes and sizes. The cross-cut knife is specially developed for slicing leafy vegetables into squares or strips to a set length. The belt holder applies gentle pressure to hold vegetables in place till the slicing knife for a precise and clean cut.

The easily removable belts on the SLICE-30 enables the machine to be cleaned and disinfected quickly. The slicing compartment is completely separated from the mechanical area, to ensure a safe and hygienic operation. The slicing machine is made of stainless steel, high quality components and durable knives.

SLICE-30 is suited for slicing the following vegetables: baby spinach, lettuce, cabbages and leeks.