Up to approx. 2.000 kg/hour depending on kind, size and quality of the product.


Leafy vegetables, cabbage, carrots, onions, leek etc.

Additional specifications:

Available in different angles, with flat belt or belt with small flights, also obtainable with mesh wired belt with sprayers or blower on outfeed. Standard supplied with right angle driven motors. Please apply for the recently designed models with hygienic belt construction.

Transport belts for leafy vegetables
Type TR leafy vegetables

Transport belts for leafy vegetables can be supplied with closed PVC belts or mesh wired PVC belts. Depending on the position in the line and the product the belt can be executed with flights. For belt cleaning a scraper is mounted.

For mesh wired belts a blower or water sprayers between the belts is an option.The transport belts can be supplied in a wide range of dimensions and angles.

Besides conventional transport belts Eillert also build types with quickly removable belts for optimal cleaning.