Vegetable Centrifuge MSD-500

Up to 1.200 kg/hour, depending on kind of product to be processed and desired end humidity grade.


Leafy vegetables, baby leaf, spinach, curly kale, cabbage, onions, carrots, leek etc.

Additional specifications:

Easy to operate, delivery incl. 20 pre-installed programs, suited for all kinds of vegetables.

Vegetable centrifuge
Type MSD-500 S | MSD-500 VAR | MSD-500 VAR HD

The vegetable centrifuge type MSD has been developed for centrifuging batches of various kinds of vegetables, as well as for whole leaves and other delicate products. The machine is supplied with 20 pre-installed practical programs, which can easily be altered by the operator. On the machine the centrifuging time and speed can be adjusted. Furthermore, the machine has a slow start possibility in its programming for fragile lettuces and uncut leafy vegetables, as well as a ‘left-right’ function where the basket twists sequentially in both directions during the spinning process. This gives an optimum dewatering for coarsely cut products or whole leaves. Depending on the product, a maximum of 10 kg per batch can be processed.

The machine is also available with fixed speed. In this case only the spinning time is adjustable.

For centrifuging heavy products like sliced carrots, sliced onions etc. a special reinforced “heavy duty” vegetable centrifuge is available. The program settings of this centrifuge are identical to the MSD-500 VAR. With this machine a max. of 20 kg/batch can be processed.

Vegetable Centrifuge MSD-500