Groentesnijmachine grote capaciteit G-4400

Till approx. 2.000 kg. per hour depending on kind, size and quality of the product, depending on the required slicing size.


Leafy vegetables, several kinds of cabbages, kale, leek, bell pepper etc.

Additional specifications:

Slices/strips, square cut for lettuces, special high capacity knife assemblies for cabbage.

Vegetable slicing machine
Type G-4400

The G-4400 is a universal vegetable slicing machine, developed for larger capacities and use in vegetable processing companies, frozen food companies, vegetable dehydration companies, etc. 

The vegetable slicing machine is extremely suitable for the cutting of leafy vegetables (endive, several kinds of lettuces) as well as elongated vegetables like Chinese cabbage, leek and string beans. With the optional adjustable slicing disc, carried out with three crescent shaped knives, also cabbage and paprika can be sliced. 

The machine is carried out with a PLC control. The knife as well as the belt are frequently checked. Via a display the cutting size is easy to adjust as is the speed of the machine. The belt and knife speed are synchronically increased or decreased. 

The G-4400/VS is identical to the G-4400 universal vegetable slicing machine, but it has an easily dismountable pre-cutting device (VS) for pre-cutting of several kinds of lettuce, kale, leek, etc.