Vegetable wasser machine WASH-60

up to approx. 2.500 kg. per hour depending on kind, size and quality of the product.


Leafy vegetables, baby leaf, spinach, cabbage, leek, soup vegetables etc.

Additional specifications:

Available in different widths and different lengths, either with vibration outfeed or with belt outfeed. Optionally available with air injection, insect separation system, dip tray for light products, rotation filter on filter tank.

Vegetable washing machines

Through experience Eillert knows that it is important to adjust the washing process to any product. The wide range of adjustments of the WASH makes this series very widely usable. Both floating and non floating products can be washed. The specific adjustments of the vegetable washing machine can be performed both manually and PLC controlled. 

In the PLC execution, washing programs can be saved so that the reproducibility of the process by product is guaranteed. The operator chooses the correct program and the machine adjusts itself according to pre-determined settings. The vegetable washing machines have a double water screw, an air injection that can be used if needed, a deposit-zone and an outfeed belt shaker or vibration sieve.

Depending on the amount of dirt, different products all need their individual vegetable washing programs, the washers of the WASH 20 and 30 series can be optionally carried out with a pre-programmed PLC, that can be extended with individual program suggestions (on demand).

For cleaning in between, every washer is carried out with the automatic CIP-system (Cleaning In Place). This auto-cleaning-program commands water evacuation and flushing of the piping, after which it automatically re-fills the washer for a new production run.